15 years old, Male

STR: 8
DEX: 11
CON: 10
INT: 14
WIS: 14
CHA: 8



Frantic Researcher
Walking Encyclopedia
Repel Crafting


Federo is from little old Pumice Town, and he is mostly glued to the television. He’s a bright kid – does well in school, mostly stays out of trouble – but he’s agitated by Pumice Town’s monotony. He’s generally on good terms with the town’s kids, but that’s due to the fact that he keeps to himself most of the time. While not every kid shares his enthusiasm towards Pokemon and their trainers, Federo calls those that do his friends.

On the TV, Federo tends to watch anything involving Pokemon. He’s mostly follows the LPLN (Luenon Pokemon League Network) to watch all sorts of League matches. He idolises many of the League trainers and has become the Pokemon equivalent of a sports nerd; if there is an important match on, he knows who’s in it, what Pokemon each trainer is fielding, and who has the best odds of winning. More often than not, his predictions are correct.

The rest of his free time is usually spent reading up on whatever Pokemon is the flavour of the year. Whenever the League modifies match rules, Federo eagerly jumps back into his books and slowly assembles his dream team; this is a task that normally takes so long that the League rules have once again changed for the next season by the time he’s finally satisfied with his fantasy team.

All of this means that Federo is itching to get his hands on a trainer’s license. His family’s modest income means that it’s near impossible for him to get one; however, Federo sees Professor Pine’s little contest as his best shot at starting down the path of being a true pokemon trainer.

Quotes of Choice:
“Hey, I know this!”
“Here, let me show you!”
“You’re doing it all wrong…”


Pokemon: Luenon NPC817 rftr