Level 2 Ace Trainer

Stats Features
STR 16 Enhanced Training
Con 14 Improved Attacks
DEX 10 Workout 2
CHA 12

Litwick lvl 9


Quotes of Choice:
“Just watch me”
“I’ll take you head on”
“Deal with it”


I was born on a military base in Obsidian city and was soon raised in the city’s mean streets. My family became a war family. My dad had enlisted to fight in the war. He eventually became a colonel, a great strategist on the field. He visited me before a crucial operation, though I didn’t know it was the last time I’d see him, he shared with his 4 year old daughter ideas I couldn’t understand. He went to lead many victories, and one day, he stopped sending letters. We never heard he was killed, no mia, nothing. He just vanished.

As a kid of Massive Junior High, you get eatin’ alive. This place is the funnel where they show what your truly made of. There’s a food chain, and I know I didn’t want to be at the bottom. Massive was like it’s own world, filled with multiple cultures. There’s the passive aggressive Glamour girls led by Pamela; There’s the physical Jockes led by Travis; the super smart nerds led by Anthony; the rich kids who have pokemon led by Charles; the brutal slickers led by Damien. If you didn’t belong to a gang, you were just meat; turf for gangs to control. Though each gang had atleast one pokemon, only rich kids had pokemons, they were too expensive for everyone else. That was until I came around.

I didn’t fit into a gang to begin with. At first it swept me over, became a just another meal for gangs to pick at. They all said the same thing, “You can’t fight back, you can’t change the system”. Then I thought of my dad; he would never give up, he’d have a plan. I challenged gangs, alone. This wasn’t to defeat their leaders, but to find weak links in their gangs. See a lot of members were in gangs for one reason, camouflage. All you had to do was be apathetic. Soon I headhunted, recruited, made my own gang. The Street Ballers, made up of all those who wanted change. We then struck back.

At first we fought fire with fire, but i knew that wouldn’t work, you needed water to put out a fire. That’s when we came up with the racket. We only had one poke among’st our gang, but no one knew that. So we challenged the Rich kids, Charles himself. The stakes, not turf, pokemon. 1 vs 1, loser gives up 3 pokes. We couldn’t pay up the prize but they didn’t need to know that, we had a tough pokemon, we couldn’t lose. And to make sure Charles didn’t back off, we hit him right in the pride by making this a public spectacle; a school wide event.

After the first win, we challenged other rich kids, for smaller stakes. Most of the pokemon we won we’re sold off to other gangs for a profit or to meat for protection. The pokes we sold we just won back or just took more money so they can keep their pokes. We used that money to win pokes at the Game Arcade and sold them back in. People loved us for taking on the gangs, the hierarchy, and selling them pokes for a nice price. The rich kids wouldn’t refuse a challenge, so they supplied the pokes, we took’em and sold’em. A full proof racket. Eventually our little league blossomed. Dad would be proud.

Though I had the life, popular and powerful, I used it to mask my life. I couldn’t stand being in my house so I “lived” in the streets. Mom was a wreck without dad. It got worst when she found me a new dad. Ed, a slimy thug who dressed in fancy suits like he was a slick mobster. He was a parasite who invaded my home. One day he came into my base of operation, the Game Arcade. At first I thought he was snooping on me like the worm he is. But when he made his way to a back corner, he vanished, all there was we’re more game machines and a poster. I never trusted new dad. Then I found it, the secret room behind the poster. Soon I was chased by thugs who spotted me. I lost them but never found out what they were up too.

Our league at school soon turned into a warzone. Students used Pokemon agains’t other students. I still ruled but the grass on the other side was on fire. I was soon challenged for my title as queen by my right hand man, Hector. I thought he was my best friend but apparently you can’t trust anyone. I remained king of hill for a while, until the empire crumbled under a full police inspection. The racket was exposed and all the blame fell on me. The headlines said “Teen Yakuza Dragon Arrested, Violent Pokemon Deathleague Shutdown!”. Police Chief David got a good boost for his career. I know Hector ratted me, and I couldn’t do anything.

Mom soon dragged my out of the city to Pumice Town. I lost everything. She thinks it was for my own good when new dad suggested it. I knew Ed was up to something when he wanted us to move to Pumice. He just wanted to cover his own ass from heat. The Kids here are nothing like they are back home. They got no natural instinct, no drive. A few tried to pick on me as the new kid. They soon learned to step off when they walked away with a black eye. They all looked at me like I was something to be feared. Maybe they heard about who I am. They have the right to be afraid, I run this shit.

Most people kept away from me. I had nothing to do. I just sat in my room, watching the pokemon league matches. There’s this kid who nerds out about the league, knows everything there is to know but wouldn’t know what to do if it were him up there. Sometimes I get into debates about whose better. I end up pressuring him into ending the talk cause I don’t want him to be right. There’s this other kid who would be considered a bad cut of meat back home. The kind of meat who is so pitiful, its not even worth it. But those punks who thought they could pick on me think he feed on him all the time, so the other day I stepped in. He’s my turf now, those guys ran with their tails between their legs. Then cold cut hangs all over me thanking me and shit. Scared him off right by putting a dent in his locker. Man I wish they didn’t confiscate all my pokemon. I’d love to be an actual trainer. The league is the life, way better then this prison.


Pokemon: Luenon NPC817 Spycrab