Luenon Pokemon League

The Luenon Pokemon League (LPL) is the official pokemon league in the Luenon region. It is the peak, the top, and the greatest accomplished for all battling trainers region wide!

How it works is quite simple. Once a trainer is an official LPL trainer, they will be able to engage other trainers in official LPL battles. By winning official battle against another LPL trainer will increase a trainers ranking. If a trainer is ranked high enough to be in the top 50 pokemon trainers of the region, they will receive and invite to the Luenon Pokemon League Championship.


The ranking system is based off of a simple point structure. A trainers base amount of points is shown by taking his number of wins, and subtracting his number of losses.

In the event of a tie, the difficulty of opponents will be brought into the equation. The trainer to have defeated more trainers that are of higher rank then themselves will be ranked higher.

Official league Gym battles are a very difficult, but very effecting way for one to boost their ranking. Each Gym leader win awards the trainer a Gym badge. Each gym badge will increase the trainers total ranking by 10 points.

How to Become an Official LPL Trainer:

To become an official league trainer is not difficult by any means. Most cities and towns will have a LPL office that trainers will be able to register themselves at.

All a trainer needs to officially become a LPL trainer is proof of ownership of at least one Pokemon, and a 200 credit payment fee to cover the price of the Trainers IdentWatch.


The trainers IdentWatch is a watch that can come in many shapes, sizes and colors. It’s primary function is to act as an official league trainers identification and stats log. And it of course doubles as a watch, having all the usual features such as telling time, alarms, stop watch, etc.

When a battle with another official trainer is accepted, the 2 trainers need to sync their watch to record the challenge. When the battle is over, the watches will display the victor and the loser as well as commence to record and update the new trainer stats and rank.

Official Battle Customs

For an official LPL battle to take place, all participants in the battle must be in agreement on the battle. While a trainer might get ridiculed or teased if they back down from a fight, they are under no obligation to accept the challenge.

It is traditional, but not required however, for both trainers to offer up something of equal value as a reward for winning the match. Usually this reward ends up being money, but it could also take the form of anything else so long as both trainers are in agreement with one another.

Gym Challenges

A Gym Leader is the only trainer who is not allowed to refuse a challenge. Sponsored by the LPL itself, the Gyms offer a great opportunity for trainers to boost ranking, earn some money, and what’s more important to some, fame.

All Gym challenge battles are recorded and televised all across the Luenon region. This can be unnerving to some, but others embrace it as a way to earn fame and fortune on their way to becoming the next great Pokemon Champion!

Luenon Pokemon League

Pokemon: Luenon NPC817 Spycrab