Pumice Town

Pumice Town is a small fishing village located along the northern coast in the Luenon region.

With a population of only about 275 residence, Pumice Town is able to stay very self sufficient. With it’s primary export and source of food being that of many basic fish pokemon such as Magikarp, Goldeen, and Feebas.

The small town only has one small school consisting of only a few classes being that that there are so few youths in the area. Only about 60-70 below the age of 16.

Pumice Town, while being quite small is very rich with all kinds of natural resources, ranging from Rare minerals that can only be found in the Pyrite Peaks, to the abundance of fish that is caught daily.

The climate in the area is known to be much colder than the rest of Luenon. With Pumice Town only having a few months of the year where you will not find snow on the ground. In those off months of warmer weather it is not uncommon for it to rain for days on end.

The landscape around town mostly flat around the coast, where the town rests, and most of the outlying areas until you hit the base of the Pyrite Peaks. With the exception of a few coastal cliffs that give the normally flat surrounding area a good contrast.

Despite the weather and climate being cold and bitter, the people of Pumice Town make up for it by being some of the warmest and nicest people around. While travelers are a rare thing in Pumice Town, it’s not uncommon to see them offered warm places to stay by local residence.

Pokemon have not had a huge impact in Pumice Town, not in the sense of training them anyhow. They have no Gym, and not much reason to use Pokemon to help with fishing work. Most of the area is occupied by fairly common pokemon that are not all that dangerous. Injuries from the local wildlife has happened however.

Pumice Town

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